Tips for Successful Public Speaking

Martha D. SaundersMartha D. Saunders has worn many hats in her lifetime of professional achievements and work in Education, Public Speaker has certainly been one of them.

After graduating with a PhD in Communication Theory and Research, her impressive career in higher education began and would include various prestigious career titles to include, but certainly not limited to: Professor of Communications, Dean, Associate Dean, Provost, University President, Coordinator of the Public Relations Program, Director of the University Honors Program, etc. Having served in the classroom, on several university boards, and as a part of countless educational community groups; has required Saunders to be an effective fundraiser, a student-center educator, a savvy businesswoman, an effective communicator, and a polished and inspiring public speaker. To this end, Martha D. Saunders shares her two most important insights on success in public speaking.

Effective Notes

The first rule of effective public speaking, speaking so that you really drive home a message, seems like a no-brainer, but is more often overlooked than not: be prepared with notes. It is not a good idea to memorize your speech or write out your thoughts word for word. Instead, to make the presentation be as natural and powerful as possible, jot down notes of your speech’s direction-a skeleton of thoughts that you can expand upon.

Be Enthusiastic

From novice public speaker to established veteran, it is very common for speakers to forget the purpose of why they are talking to a large crowd about something. Instead, the nervousness or the appearance become the priority. To really deliver a good speech, to reach your audience and persuade them in some direction, remember why you are giving the speech and be enthusiastic about it. Whether it be a cause, a new directive, or a call for support-nothing gives a better speech than enthusiasm.

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