The Rewards of Teaching

Martha Saunders | Student Centered EducationMartha D. Saunders has dedicated her life to teaching, the spirit of learning. As a revered educational professional, academic role model, and savvy businesswoman holding a number of high profile and impressive roles in the university academic world, Martha D. Saunders has built a lifetime of professional experiences in education. Holding several successful titles at top-ranking colleges and universities around the country, such as university president, provost, and professor of communications, Martha D. Saunders has always prided herself on never forgetting the mission of her professional career, to be a student-centered educator. It is only through remembering the core values of teaching that one can recognize the true rewards of teaching. Below she offers what she believes to be the most compelling rewards for teaching.



Lifetime Learning

Martha D. Saunders chose her professional career in education, thanks to a deep-rooted love of learning. What began as an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in French, soon blossomed into a Masters Degree in Journalism, and culminated with a Ph.D. in Communication Theory & Research. Once completed, Martha was able to achieve many roles in teaching and administration throughout the years, not only continuously learning through the various hats she would wear, but also in the atmosphere of developing minds. Working in education brings a reward on a personal level that truly provides the teacher a lifetime of learning on so many levels, like no other career.

Changing Lives, Making a Difference

While not every teacher inspires or challenges, the classroom is the place where dreams and perspectives are built, developed. Martha D. Saunders began her journey in Education to help the learning process, make a seemingly impossible logic or lesson become successful, show students that they can learn, achieve, and realize their dreams. Teaching is something Martha D. Suanders will always be passionate about, as she has never taken the responsibility of her challenging roles for granted.